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Large commercial organic market garden with animals, fruit, veg, herbs, hot-houses and poly tunnels. Free cuppa. BYO mug. (off Browns Gap Rd). 

little HARTLEY

2.   kate & Neil Stone

12 john grant road, little HARTLEY

Large commercial organic market garden with animals, fruit, veg, herbs, hot-houses and poly tunnels. Free cuppa. BYO mug. (off Browns Gap Rd). 

mount victoria

3.   mount victoria public school

victoria street, mount victoria

School garden 2018 EGT grant recipient. Saturday only 10am - 3pm.

4.   vanessa mcgarrigle

14 ailsa street, mount victoria

Vegies, ducks, fruit trees and herbs.


5.   helen gillam

15 staveley parade, blackheath

Large attractive mature garden. Mixed exotics, natives and masses of edibles. Fruit trees, berries, compost and grey water systems, chooks, raised vegetable beds, insect house.


Decorative garden with hot houses, shade houses, herbs and organic seedlings for sale.


7.   eva & bill johnson

48 clarence road, blackheath

2 year old rambling garden. 3 guided tours only 11am,1pm & 3pm Saturday only.

8.   blackheath community farm
thirroul ave, blackheath

Abundant community garden with fruit, vegies and herbs. EGT grant recipient.

medlow bath

9.   quincey cottage, sue & mike perkins

56 railway parade, medlow bath

A large rambling cottage garden with fruit cages, chooks, vegies and compost systems scattered amongst beautiful flowers.

north katoomba

10.   halin nieuwenhuyse

58 fitzgerald street, nth katoomba

A two year gardening journey from industrial wasteland to productive oasis after a new build. Fruit trees, vegies and berries woven together with native trees shrubs and grasses. Saturday only.

11.   katoomba community gardens

12-22 victoria street, north katoomba

Large community garden with food forest, heritage apple trees, herbs and vegies.

12.   franklin scarf

16 station street, north katoomba

Small garden beside street. Passionate about composting.

13.   nicola bludau

51  mort street, katoomba

Rambling garden over half an acre. Herbs available to purchase.


14.   sue & nigel bell

252 bathurst road, katoomba

Gridshell netting structure with fruit trees, vegies and herbs.

15.   steve alton

36 gates avenue, katoomba

Productive edible garden.

16.   kathie herbert

7 stephen street, katoomba

Well established edible garden with fruit trees, vegies and herbs.

17.   anne elliott

6 banksia park road, katoomba

Easy-care kitchen garden with herbs, chooks and fruit trees. Saturday only.

18.   wendy & tom whitton

22 magdala street, katoomba

30 year old rambling garden over one acre.  Abundant old and new fruit trees, vegies, chooks, herbs, flowers and frogs.

19.   deb hurley

18 magdala street, katoomba

Abundant, two-year-old permaculture garden with compost systems, seedlings, berries and vegies.

Healthy verge garden with fruit trees, herbs and vegies.


21.   ron & jillian salz

47 Olympian parade, leura

Raised vegie beds, herbs, large fruit trees and awesome view. Honey and quince paste for sale.

22.   sanja & joachim herrmann

6 west street, leura

A 17 year-old attractive garden with groomed paths, abundant fruit and decorative trees, chooks, bees, berries, vegetables, saved seeds and more.

wentworth falls

23.   lorraine shannon

38 jamieson street, wentworth falls

Large well designed edible garden with fruit trees, a worm farm, a bokashi composting system, abundant berries and a chook palace with heritage hens.


Decorative front garden with fruit trees, vegies and herbs.

25.   simone novello werona eco cottage

20 central street, wentworth falls

Mature landscaped ornamental garden being converted to an edible garden on half an acre, includes food forest, chooks, vegies, herbs and an orchard. Sunday only.

26.   ruth-helen camden

30 tarella road, wentworth falls

Small, new vegie patch established on very bad soil. Sunday only.

Verge garden with herbs and vegies.

28.   kindlehill school

8 lake street, wentworth falls

Beautiful permaculture school garden with fruit trees, vegies, hens, chooks and composting system. Sunday only.

Recycled materials and recovered and self-seeded edibles.

Front garden with fruit trees, herbs and vegies. Sunday only.

31.   wild valley art park

321 blaxland road, wentworth falls

Large eco garden with greenhouse, hydroponic vegies, native and fruit gardens. Solar and rainwater systems plus recycled art and potted plants for sale. Saturday & Sunday 10am - 2pm only.


32.   lyttleton stores

1/2 badgery crescent, lawson

An organic garden located next to the stores that includes multiple productive layers of edible or medicinal ground covers, shrubs, climbers and leguminous nitrogen-fixing plants. 

33.   mid-mountains community garden

kihilla 5-17 queens road, lawson

Netted community garden with fruit trees, herbs, vegetables and a great view. Saturday only.


34.   will maclean

41 winbourne road, hazelbrook

Large early stage food garden with abundant fruit trees, vegies and chooks.

35.   chrystine walter

12 burford street, hazelbrook

Companion planted orchard. Confitures and chutneys made from the fruits will be for sale. Complimentary lemon grass tea. All low sugar and chemical free.


36.   marilyn pride

60 martin place, linden

Fruit trees and vines, vegies, green roof and more.


37.   sPringwood community garden

168 hawkesbury road, springwood

Two-year-old garden with fruit trees and vegies. Wheelchair friendly. Saturday only.

38.   grant perkins

7 alderton avenue, springwood

Semi-formal front garden with meandering vegie patch, espaliered fruit trees and a herb garden at the side.

39.   verge, cnr lucinda & alderton avenue


Verge garden with vegies and fruit trees.

Prolific vegetable and fruit garden spreading onto the verge. Fruit trees, berries, compost systems, chooks and vegetable beds, all thriving organically.


41.   sue & mike lorraine

62 Heather road, winmalee

 Large 20 year-old mature garden with herbs, natives and masses of edibles, fruit trees including carob and black sapote, berries and compost systems. Saturday only.


42.   emmanuela prigioni

32 hume road, lapstone

A permaculture garden including annual and perennial edibles. Sunday only.