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A man who requires little introduction, Costa Georgiadis from ABC TV Gardening Australia is passionate about community, food security and self reliance and is a avid supporter of Edible Garden Trails across the country.

Costa was a virtual ambassador for the 2022 Trail, let's hope he pops up at the 2024 Edible Garden Garden Trail!

susanne rix

Susanne Rix founded the Edible Garden Trail in 2017. It featured over 40 gardens and attracted 500+ visitors from all over New South Wales. It grew from early beginnings to include 10 schools and four community gardens in 2020 as well as almost 50 private gardens throughout the mountains. In addition, the trail has begun to spread around NSW and beyond, with an expansive Sydney trail as well as South Coast, Central Coast, Victorian, South Australian and even New Zealand trails. The trail raises money for participating school and community gardens. “Protecting the planet one edible garden at a time” 

For information about starting your own Edible Garden Trail you can contact Susanne on 

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paul west

Paul West is a passionate advocate of growing food in backyards, cooking simple, nutritious meals and fostering connections to community and country. Paul currently works as broadcaster for the ABC, travelling to regional Australia for Backroads, talking food and science for Catalyst and helping people grow their own food with Gardening Australia. He has also written and published three hugely popular cookbooks, “The River Cottage Australia Cookbook” ,“The Edible Garden” and most recently “Homegrown”


Paul lives with his wife, two children and Digger, his dog, in Bermagui on the NSW South Coast. When he’s not on the road for the ABC, he can be found poking around in his garden, usually staring for extended periods at his chickens.

David Rogers Photography for Pan Macmillan

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